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Design and Art: NARTIST


It’s talent, it’s creativity, it’s passion.

 NARTIST is the new reality, the meeting point of art, collectors and industry.

NARTIST comes from the idea of generating value Through the interaction of art, collectors, design and industry. It’s a new reality where art and creativity are assessed and supported through sharing and exchanging of ideas and projects.
The purpose is to promote new collaborations among selected artists, collectors, gallerists, curators, design and fashion’s specialists.



The four key points of NARTIST’s mission are:

1 – Spreading creativity by supporting passion and talent.
2 – Implementing a direct, educational and enriching dialogue through the cooperations with experts in the field.
3 – Developing synergies between industry and applied art.
4 – Generating value for all the people involved.



NARTIST is a web-based platform: a place of art and creativity where artists, clients and Curators, experts and the interested public, design and fashion specialists come together to generate value.

A place that offers visibility to emerging artists and talents, where investors, both private and institutional, can find and purchase original artworks. A place that allows artists to reach strategic partners, mainly from fashion and design industries, who are interested in investing in new special projects, for emphatic or stylistic affinity, such as the creation of exclusive and personalised products.